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Tahlequah Public Schools


9 5 9: The Play to Win All Games

The football team shows what they were made of

“Nine players within five yards of the ball ninety percent of the time.” This was the saying for the football team that they lived and breathed by. “I joined Football to be a part of the game I love to play. It’s . . .

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Blocking Out the Offense

Tigers blocking to win the game

Block out, rebound, fast break and teamwork were what won games. It was not all about the points on the score board but the teamwork and sportsmanship these boys had. “Sportsmanship means everything to me, honestly. The more respect . . .

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Eyes Forward, Seeking Leadership

JROTC teams learn life skills

They stood out among crowds when in uniform. They acted in the respectful manner that they had been taught. They were members of JROTC. Perhaps the tight-knit feel of JROTC was what made its members so successful. “I find JROTC to . . .

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Going All Out

Fast Pitch strives for domination

They grew closer as they practiced so they would dominate on the softball field. No opportunity for improvement was ever passed up. These Fast Pitch girls all shared a mutual love for their sport, and the dedication of each player was seen in . . .

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Once a Team Becomes a Family

Lady Tigers take on the year

The girls on the Volleyball team worked hard and played hard each day to stand the best chance at scoring another win. Something in each player’s life had brought them together. “My sister played Volleyball when she was in . . .

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Sing it Loud

Choir and Show Choir perform under lights

The stage was dark, the sound of quiet murmurs filled the empty space. Every step raised anticipation as everyone found their place. The lights came on and everything went quiet. That was the moment that they had been waiting for; the moment . . .

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Standing Together

Team becomes one on the court

The exhilarating experience of making a shot right before the buzzer was what these girls lived for. They practiced their hardest to prepare themselves to dominate the court at every game. A little extra mental preparation was also key to the . . .

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Step by Step

Band takes competitions by storm

From the first sight of the sun, the silhouette of the Orange Express was seen. All looking tired yet determined to perfect every note, step and toss. Their hard work and dedication paid off the minute they stepped onto a field and played . . .

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Up With Tiger Pride

Fun and games pump up students

From the class chants to the fun games to the pep talks from the principal, the pep assemblies were always full of school spirit. “Pep assemblies help our student body get pumped for not only upcoming school events, but it also . . .

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High School Students React to Current Issues

Perhaps the thing that puts Speech and Debate on the map of high school is the Freedom Wall. The freedom wall is put up in the hallway on Constitution Day with a plethora of sticky notes available for students to anonymously voice their . . .

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Tahlequah vs. Fort Gibson

Picture 1 Fumble on the play, Tahlequah recovers the ball against Fort Gibson, which gave the Tigers the 1st down. “What gets me pumped for a football game is waking up knowing that it is game day and going to get Bryant’s . . .

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Army in Training

Motivating students to be better citizens

Students with an outlook of a military future or simply wanting a structured course found what they were looking for in JROTC. Many JROTC students were drawn to the program due to family tradition.  “My dad was in the US . . .

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Can't Rain on Our Parade

School takes on their first homecoming celebration

The dark and dreary skies, on October 10th didn’t mask the shine of all the couples on Homecoming. The traditional parade may not have happened the way it was planned, but the celebration still took place. The Sweethearts rushed to find . . .

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Capturing the World

Newspaper and Yearbook come together

Pushing through deadlines and looking for writing inspiration, Newspaper and Yearbook worked hard to complete their projects. “The hardest part about Yearbook is a tie between writing stories and making deadlines. They’re . . .

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Clothes Express the Person

Students reveal their personalities

Fashion was a way to say who someone was without having to speak. Teenagers always dressed the way they wanted to whether it was in or not. “I think fashion is important because it expresses a person’s personality and who . . .

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Connecting Like Family

Team wins regionals, makes state appearance

With the support of the school riding behind them, the volleyball girls headed off to state in hope of a big win. “It was such an accomplishment for all of us. We all had so much pride. It’s nice being respected also,” . . .

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Cooking Craze

Students become cookie monsters

The students all took away different lessons and pieces of advice from FACS. “The lesson I think I will use most from FACS is to save money,” Brandi Pait, 9, said. The FACS experience was very valuable for anyone who . . .

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Creating the Perfect Harmony

Choir, Show Choir practice and work hard

Members considered Choir and Show Choir the place to go and everyone was invited to join. Mrs. Holly Stocks had a way of making people feel at home. Whether they’ve known her for years or just became a part of the team, a connection was . . .

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Creative Interaction

Projects make learning fun

Having fun while learning was a success in multiple ways.  “Electives and class projects help teach you hands-on, creative stuff,” said Cinda Frisbie, 12. “I enjoy getting to know other people, and how . . .

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Determination and Motivation

Girls' basketball gives it their all

Basketball wasn’t just a game. It was a place of refuge, comfort and peace. It was pain, joy and satisfaction. To the players it was a relationship with love and respect. It was not a game just anyone could play. . . .

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Express Yourself

Students let their imagination flow

Whether it was the swish of a paintbrush or the scratch of a pencil, art classrooms were never silent. Enthusiastic students with an absolute love for art worked diligently to create new works of art. Art proved to be quite enjoyable and did . . .

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Feel Good, Give Blood

Community donates to save lives

Students and the community came together to donate blood to those who needed it the most. 251 people walked in to the Performing Arts Center with donating blood on their minds. With 103 donors at the first drive and 148 at the second, . . .

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Fight to the Finish

Wrestlers go head to head

Some use baskets, some use goals. When it came to Wrestling, all one needed was the human body and the right mindset. Wrestlers headed to the mat knowing they needed to control their opponents to win. “When I’m about to . . .

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Friday Night Lights

Team makes playoff appearance

With a home game win, Football demolished the Stilwell Indians with a score of 71 to 21. “It was a well-needed win to start the new Football season and was a great confidence boost for the whole team,” Kane Teague, 11, said. . . .

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He Shoots, He Scores

Boys Basketball works for another win

From practice to practice, Boys Basketball pushed themselves and worked their hardest in hopes of a successful season. “The most challenging part about Basketball is the conditioning,” said Strauss Springwater, 10. . . .

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Learning how it Works

Students learn the different forms of science

Coming into the high school, students noticed the different types of Science they could take. Those Sciences included, Physical Science, Biology I and II, Earth Science, Zoology, Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry and Forensics, that were available . . .

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Making the Big Catch

Fast pitch dominates the diamond

Putting on her catcher’s mitt, Erin Dillard, 11, stepped onto the field, grabbing her ball, Morgan Tarrance, 12, walked up to the pitcher’s mound, and the rest of the Lady Tigers headed out to the outfield. “To prepare . . .

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Marching to Success

Perfecting the show for the audience

No matter what the temperature was outside, the band never stopped practicing. They marched, played their flutes, twirled their flags and hit their drums until their show was perfect. “Practices were okay, they weren’t that . . .

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Running to State

Cross Country conquers at state, regionals

On your mark, get set, go. With looks of determination throughout the starting line, every runner prepared themselves for the task ahead. “Before a race, I prepare myself by stretching and warming up. Sometimes I roll a little . . .

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Up with Tiger Pride

Pom and Cheer show school spirit

Their blood was pumping, the adrenaline was rushing and the crowd’s eyes were on them. The Dance Team took the field to perform their halftime show. “My future goals for this team is to go to Florida and win . . .

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The Right to Vote is a Freedom, not a Requirement

                The right to vote may well be the most famous American right. But there are many who think it should be more than just a right; a requirement. . . .

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The New Oklahoma Fuel Boom

Since even before statehood, Oklahoma has been one of the largest energy producers in the country. Oil helped to build many of the communities in the central to western regions of the state. And coal in parts of eastern Oklahoma, as well as . . .

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Article 2 Heading

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ALICE Training Prepares Schools for Active Shooter Scenarios

It seems that as time goes by, numbers of school shootings and threats of school shootings have risen exponentially. The age-old plan for teachers and students during an active shooter situation was to simply get out of sight and hide under . . .

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Showing School Spirit

Students get pumped at pep rallies

The band played. The Pom squad danced. The Cheer team performed. The class sections chanted to win the spirit stick. Students piled into the TMAC, mostly excited about missing class, but also the chance to show some spirit for their teams. . . .

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Bring on the School Spirit

Students show their creativity

Walking down the hallway, students waved hello to Mickey and Minnie on Disney Day, sat in class next to a bright colored friend on Neon Day and even found out how many people really liked OSU and OU on College Game Day. Classrooms were . . .

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Article 1 Heading

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Enterovirus D68 Spreading Throughout the Nation

*Originally written October 2014* The return to school late every summer is something most children dread. This year, the back-to-school rush has come with a rare and unwanted friend, Enterovirus D68, which is basically a very bad . . .

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Protests in Ferguson Calming Down at Last

The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9 th , 2014 started a series of events that have been made well known through the news in the past weeks. The first and most damaging event to hit Ferguson was the . . .

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