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Sing it Loud

Choir and Show Choir perform under lights

The stage was dark, the sound of quiet murmurs filled the empty space. Every step raised anticipation as everyone found their place. The lights came on and everything went quiet. That was the moment that they had been waiting for; the moment they had to show off everything they were taught. That was the moment to sing it loud and sing it proud.

Dalton Boeck, 10, said, “Walking on stage in front of everyone makes me feel nervous because I don’t want to mess up, but also happy because I love being a part of something so awesome!”

Choir, along with Show Choir, used their voices when no other form of communication worked. They’ve told tales through song, and through action, sometimes at the same time. They’ve performed in front of numerous people, showing them what they could do. On Veterans Day, the Show Choir sang in front of veterans at the school assembly, and even at a nursing home.

“It was such an honor to perform for the protectors of our country. They did so much for us. It was nice that we got the opportunity to give back,” said Keri Bell, 12.

Show Choir also danced through the streets for the Homecoming Parade along with NSU’s Homecoming parade, showing their spirit even in the rain.

“We had to dance the whole way and it was raining and cold so we were freezing and out of breath and soaking wet by the end, but it was worth it,” said Zephram Foster, 12.

Choir held a Bookout and raised money that they donated to Mr. David Bookout’s cancer costs, they’ve performed for the Fall Follies and have went to Nashville for their Choir trip.