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Express Yourself

Students let their imagination flow

Whether it was the swish of a paintbrush or the scratch of a pencil, art classrooms were never silent. Enthusiastic students with an absolute love for art worked diligently to create new works of art. Art proved to be quite enjoyable and did not even seem like work to the most dedicated artists.

There have been many artists throughout history whose impact was still evident on today’s young artists. Many artists have a personal favorite artist. “[My favorite is] Salvador Dali,” Shannon Walkingstick, 11, said. “His paintings are weird but carry a message.”

Some past artists provided inspiration for new artists simply looking for a new idea.

Art was an important creative outlet to the students, who got a chance to let their voices be heard without saying a word. “You can say so much without saying anything,” Brooke Hunter, 12, said.

The powerful voice of an artwork delivered a more influential message than simply speaking with words.

Creating artwork had a unique importance to each artist’s life. “[Art] is a good way to express yourself,” Emily Basks, 11, said.

Something as simple as freedom of expression created excellent works of art that expressed the individuality of the artist for future generations to someday see.